Products we make

Custom hardware for retail and home  

Bespoke decorative studs and bent parts and handles for a design botique. 

A large range of custom parts and assemblies is also possible. 

Offshore marine bolts  

Hot forged, cold formed and machined bolts for the oil and gas industry and in high precision mechanical seals.  

These are offered in nitronic stainless steel, stainless steel and high tensile.  

We can offer these parts coated with Xylan, PTFE or other coatings. 

Clinch parts and panel fasteners  

These include clinch nuts, plunger assemblies, spring loaded plungers, captive screws, clinch studs, keyhole standoffs, etc – these can be customized.

Wire forms 

We make wire forms that are used in computer servers as guards and as wire handlers.  

We have developed a rapid toolup concept for most wire forms and so can offer samples quickly and support low volume projects.  

We offer these with a wide range of finishes from powder coated, plated, painted, etc.   


Custom handles - swivel & lock type, front mount & side mounted.  These may be flat, drilled & tapped, drilled or threaded.   

Handles are made in steel, stainless steel and brass and other materials with a variety of finishes. 

Low volumes custom handles are also supported.  

CNC and automat turned parts (from Ø1.00 mm up)  


Parts made on CNC turning or machining (VMC) machines or using a combination of these.

 Also parts turned on fixed headstock or sliding headstock auto lathes.


Second operation forged parts 

These are screws & parts with operations like turning, milling, tapping, grinding, etc after the heading process. Also offered are insert moulded fasteners with a plastic head over-moulded onto a metal fastener body.    

Fasteners / screws  

Custom fasteners, tamper resistant fasteners & standard fasteners.  We offer special thread profiles & recesses & non standard options of thread, head & recess.  

Special compound threads, machine screw, tapping screw and other standard and special profiles.   

A large range of thread sealants & special micro encapsulated coatings is also offered for a wide range of applications.  

Sub assemblies 

These range from fastener locking assemblies to custom tools to other mechanical assemblies. 

Studs and threaded rods 

These are offered broached with Torx or Hex recesses or plain.  These are available in various lengths and with a variety of points and chamfers and in various materials like steel, aluminum, stainless steel and brass. 

On this page and all RoHS compliant

Infrastructure for retail space, offices and home 

Offshore marine bolts 

Clinch parts and panel fasteners

Wire forms


CNC and automat turned parts

Second operation cold headed & machined fasteners

Fasteners / screws / nuts / bolts

Sub assemblies

Pins & dowels

Studs & threaded rods