Our internal management and reporting systems

 Certified quality systems

Quality system

We are regularly audited by our customers using their own systems.  We consistently score high on these.  These audits cover Technology, Quality, Responsiveness, Delivery, Cost, Environment & Business Operations.

ISO certification

TUV has certified our facility ISO 9001 compliant.  We have an in house audit team that conducts monthly systems checks.  Also, an external auditor is on monthly retainer to review system compliance.

 In house management systems


A large variety of processes & systems are in function at Eka.  We believe that a robust and systematic process results in value to our customers and our employees long term.  To this end we deploy various systems throughout the organisation to control various aspects of our management and quality systems.  A few of these are shown below.

The Eka PaRT database

The Part & Revision Tracker (PaRT) database helps us track the parts we make for revision changes, process flow, basic manufacturing data, the Quality Plan, Control Plans used in manufacture & the Pre Despatch reports.

The Eka Gage calibration database

 All gages & instruments used on our shop floor are monitored via this module.

The Eka Order management system

 This extremely powerful database helps us track our order management cycle, plan production, monitor lead times and more.

The Eka Corrective and Preventive Action Module

Evert company makes the occasional non confirming part.  The Corrective Analysis and Preventive Action module helps us remember our mistakes and ensure that they are not repeated.

Daily Planning Review reports


Development & RFQ tracking database

We used to use the above database to track RFQs and sample processing but have now moved this process to a shared spreadsheet.

HR Module